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ESPT Madrid


The Spanish capital will again play host to the opening stop of the Estrellas Poker Tour, following a hugely-successful visit in Season 6, which drew 579 players and a massive €552,000 prize pool.

The fabulous Gran Madrid Casino, which offers the best entertainment in the region, will be the venue for the first event of Season 7.

The Festival will take place from March 7-13, 2016, and the Main Event will feature a €1,000 + €100 buy-in.


Casino Gran Madrid
Autovía A6 (Madrid - La Coruña) Salida 29
28250 TORRELODONES - Madrid

Tel No: (+34) 918 56 1111

Dress Code: No sportswear, shorts or ripped jeans. No sandals. Sneaker/trainers accepted. Poker players may wear sunglasses and caps only inside tournament area, not in the main casino.
Minimum Age:

NB: You must bring your passport in order to gain entry.

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Players who have won full prize packages on PokerStars will be notified of their hotel details by email. You do not need to make a hotel reservation. If you have any queries, please email

For all other poker players, media and anyone else planning to attend ESPT tournaments, we have set up a dedicated website for hotel bookings: Please e-mail or call +34 93 325 67 77 to take advantage of our special hotel rates.

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By Air: Barajas Airport

Madrid's Barajas Airport is situated approximately 15 KM (7m) from the city centre and has four terminals. You are strongly recommended to consult your airline to find out which terminal your flight arrives at or leaves from, but we give here some basic indications:

T1 International Terminal: Inter-continental and some European flights.

T2 Terminal: Mostly European flights. Some intercontinental flights

T3Puente Aereo Terminal: Shuttle flights between Madrid and Barcelona

T4 Terminal: Iberia and other OneWorld alliance airline flights

Getting from the Airport


AeroCity is a specialised taxi service which can be reserved in advance from our website. They will pick you up at the airport in a comfortable, air-conditioned, 7-seater van and take you to whichever destination you specify, guaranteeing a maximum of 3 stops on the way. Their drivers will sometimes speak English and prices currently stand at 23 euros total for up to 3 passengers, 26 euros for 4 (6.50 euros per person!) and only slightly more for more people. Click here for more information and reservations.

Advantages: Excellent price for door to door service. Cheaper than a normal taxi. GoMadrid strongly recommends this option.

Disadvantages: you may have to share your "taxi" with others.

Cost: 23 euros for 1, 2 or 3 persons.


AresMobile is a chauffeur-driven meet and greet service which can be reserved in advance from our website. You will be met at the airport in the arrival hall by your chauffeur who will speak English (or other languages if specified) and whisked away to your final destination. Personalised chauffeur-driven tours and excursions with hourly rates can also be arranged. Prices start at 65 euros. Click here for more information and reservations.

Advantages: Fully personalised luxury service.

Disadvantages: For the fortunate few - may be out of your budget

Cost: From 65 euros


The old 89 bus route to Plaza Colón has been discontinued and replaced by a regular bus service, the number 200, which leaves from Terminal 2 and passes by Terminal 1, before heading for the Avenida de America interchange which is the last stop. Here you will have to take the Metro. The bus leaves Terminal 2 approximately every 10 minutes from 6:00am - 11.30pm (15-20 mins on weekends and holidays, 7:00am - 11:30pm). You may purchase a 10-trip "Metrobus" ticket in newspaper outlets, "estancos" or tobacconists and Metro stations. It costs 6.70 euros which is also valid for the Metro (although there is a supplementary charge for journeys to/from the airport - see below). Otherwise, a 1-way trip will cost 1 euro - you can buy this ticket on board the bus. If taking several bus journeys, save money with the Madrid Travel Pass.

Advantages: Cheap, frequent service.

Disadvantages: You will almost certainly have to take the Metro at Avenida de América to your final destination, making this service a little inconvenient if you have heavy suitcases.

Cost: 1 euro 1-way or 6.70 euros for a 10-trip ticket.

Car Rental

All the major car rental companies are available in Barajas airport. Hertz, Europcar, Avis, etc. all have offices between arrival halls 1 and 2 in Terminal 1. However, it is often cheaper to reserve your car rental before you arrive. Click here for cheap car hire in any location in Spain. For Portugal, we can recommend this Cheap Car Rental site.

Advantages: Flexibility. Good for daytrips out of the city.

Disadvantages: You may not be used to driving in Spain. The traffic in Madrid can be bad at almost any time of day or night.

Cost: Variable


Madrid's Barajas Airport has Metro stations in Terminal T2 and the newer Terminal T4. Trains leave every 5 minutes from 6.00am to 2.00am. Line 8 goes straight to the newly reformed Nuevos Ministerios Metro station in the centre of Madrid, with a journey time of just 12 minutes. On your return it is even possible to check-in at this Metro station for some flights between the hours of 6.30am and 10.30pm. Please check with the airline first, because not all flights are available (e.g. there is no check-in for the Madrid-Barcelona shuttle flight, and many foreign airlines have no presence here yet). You can check in your luggage up to 24 hours (20 hours for some companies) maximum and 2 hours minimum before the flight but again, please check with the relevant airline because certain goods have to be checked in at the airport itself (live animals, dangerous goods, etc.).

The price of a single journey to or from the airport is currently 2 euros, which includes a 1 euro supplementary airport charge. If you already possess a valid Metro ticket, you can simply purchase the airport supplementary ticket for 1 euro.

Tip: Consider buying the Madrid Tourist Travel Pass, which allows you to travel on any Metro, bus or suburban train, all included in the price of just 5 euros, making it a great way to save money on public transport. With this pass, it is not necessary to pay the airport surcharge.

It is also possible to purchase a 10-trip "Metrobus" ticket at 7.40 euros, valid for both the Metro and city buses, since you will undoubtedly be using the Metro again during your stay. This may be purchased at newspaper outlets, "estancos" or tobacconists and Metro stations. Note that you will still need to purchase the 1 euro supplementary ticket for any journey to/from the airport.

See our Madrid Maps section to download a plan of the Madrid Metro or visit the Madrid Metro website.

Advantages:Cheap, frequent service to virtually any part of town.

Disadvantages: You will most likely need to transfer a couple of times to get to your final destination. Consider this when lugging about large suitcases!

Cost: 2 euro one-way (to/from the airport, 1 euro elsewhere). 7 euros for 10 journeys (plus 1 euro supplement to/from airport)


The most convenient option for some, but expensive for others. Walk outside the airport terminal to the taxi ranks. Do not accept offers from drivers inside the terminal, since these are often illegal drivers and you will almost certainly get ripped off. Depending on traffic conditions, expect to pay up to 25 euros to any central location. There are many, at times confusing, supplements to the basic fare. These include: 1.85 euros obligatory initial fare, 5 euros surcharge to/from airport, 2.50 euros surcharge to/from bus or train stations and 2.50 euros to/from the Ifema trade fairs, and all these supplements are further increased at weekends or holidays. There is now no charge for suitcases, rucksacks or pets. Always ask for a receipt at the end of your journey in case the fare comes into dispute.

Advantages: Convenient, door-to-door service. Cheaper than many European taxis.

Disadvantages: Bus and Metro are cheaper for shoestring budgets. We would recommend the Aerocity service which is cheaper.

Cost: 20-25 euros to most central destinations.

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7 March - Monday
20:00 1 NL - Holdem Freezeout Satellite to Main Event €150 + €15
8 March - Tuesday
20:00 2 NL - Holdem Freezeout Satellite to Main Event €150 + €15
22:00 3 NL - Hyperturbo €100 + €10
9 March - Wednesday
12:00 4 Estrellas Main Event - Day 1A €1000 + €100
17:00 5 NL - Holdem Freezeout Satellite to Main Event Day 1B €150 + €15
20:00 6 NL - Holdem Turbo Win The Button €150 + €15
10 March - Thursday
12:00 4 Estrellas Main Event - Day 1B €1000 + €100
18:00 7 PLO - Double Chance €250 + €25
20:00 8 NL - One Rebuy/One Add on Super Satellite
to ESPT HR (Max Spend Allowed)
€150 + €15, €150 Rebuy/Add On
22:00 9 NL - Hyperturbo €200 + €20
11 March - Friday
12:00 4 Estrellas Main Event - Day 2 CLOSED
13:00 10 NL - One Rebuy/One Add on Super Satellite
to ESPT HR (Max Spend Allowed)
€150 + €15, €150 Rebuy/Add On
17:00 11 NL - Holdem High Roller "8 Handed" - Day 1 (Single Re-Entry) €2000 + €200
20:00 12 Estrellas Madrid Poker Cup - Flight 1A (One Entry Per Flight) €300 + €30
22:00 13 NL - Hyperturbo €500 + €50
12 March - Saturday
12:00 4 Estrellas Main Event - Day 3 CLOSED
13:00 11 NL - Holdem High Roller - "8 Handed" - Day 2 CLOSED
12:00 14 NL - Holdem Six Handed Turbo €100 + €10
16:00 12 Estrellas Madrid Poker Cup - Flight 1B (One Entry Per Flight) €300 + €30
21:00 12 Estrellas Madrid Poker Cup - Turbo Flight 1C - Play down to 15% (One Entry Per Flight) €300 + €30
13 March - Sunday
12:00 12 Madrid Poker Cup - Day 2 CLOSED
12:00 4 Estrellas Main Event - Final Day CLOSED
14:00 15 NL - Holdem Turbo - Super Deepstack - EPT Edition €150 + €15
18:00 16 "Sunday Battle" - NL Freezeout* €70 + €10
  • 4% deducted from prize pools to cover tournament staffing costs
  • We reserve the right to change, amend or alter any portion of the above schedule
  • *1 Add-on at end of level 8 for €20+€5 which gives you 40,000 chips more

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