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ESPT San Sebastian, August 04-07, 2011 - Event Coverage

On this page you will find Player Lists, Gallery Photos, Payout, Side Events and Final Table from the event.

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This is the payout structure at the Estrellas Poker Tour San Sebastian. There were 290 players in this event, generating a prizepool of €253,344. The winner will take home €64,600.

Fabian Deimann is the winner of Estrellas Poker Tour San Sebastian.

Prize Position

1 - Fabian Deimann, Alemania, Clasificado en PokerStars, 64,600 €
2 - Jorge Ufano, España, Clasificado en PokerStars, 41,000 €

3 - Daniel Hernández, España, 22,800 €
4 - Eduardo de las Rivas, España, Jugador de PokerStars, 17,700 €
5 - Fernando Piñeiro, España, 14,850 €
6 - Alfredo Rubio Ruiz, España, 12,150 €
7 - Mauricio Pazos, España, Clasificado en PokerStars, 9,650 €
8 - Miguel Ángel Martín García, España, 7,600 €

9 - Or Eshkar, Israel, 5,700 €
10 - Jaime Bertrán Mainou, España, 3,800 €
11 - Antonio Maestro Lorenzo, España, Clasificado en PokerStars, 3,800 €
12 - Diego Gómez González, España, 3,800 €
13 - Jairo Arias Menéndez, España, 3,300 €
14 - Gabriel Costas Peral, España, 3,300 €
15 - José Javier Patiño González, España, Clasificado en PokerStars, 3,300 €
16 - Peter Willems, Bélgica, Clasificado en PokerStars, 2,800 €
17 - José Joaquín Torreblanca Calabuig, España, 2,800 €
18 - Hugo Uceda Álvarez, España, 2,800 €
19 - Luis Suárez Cosio, España, Clasificado en PokerStars, 2,400 €
20 - Brian Jerome Rausens, Bélgica, 2,400 €
21 - Gustavo López García, España, 2,400 €
22 - Ngeya Addahbi, Marruecos, 2,150 €
23 - Eduardo Martín Daffunchio Picazo, Argentina, 2,150 €
24 - Luis Ángel Arroyo Martínez, España, 2,150 €
25 - Iván Fidalgo Fernández, España, Clasificado en PokerStars, 1,898 €
26 - Michel Henri Bringuier, Francia, 1,898 €
27 - Nils Mallon, Alemania, Clasificado en PokerStars, 1,898 €
28 - Joeri Zandvliet, Países Bajos, Clasificado en PokerStars - Ganador del UKIPT 1 Manchester, 1,650 €
29 - Samuel Jiménez Díaz, España, 1,650 €
30 - Marciano Rodríguez Cortés, España, 1,650 €
31 - Ramón Roig Mateu, España, 1,650 €
32 - Xavier Alonso, España, 1,650 €

Side Events

Final Table

Final Table

Fernando Piñeiro, 54, San Sebastian – 1.150.000 chips
Fernando Piñeiro is 54 and living in San Sebastian. This father of three started playing poker 3 years ago at the Kursaal Casino. Piñeiro prefers playing live events and he loves participating in Texas Hold’em tournaments. This is the second time he plays at an Estrellas tournament and this is his first final table.

Eduardo de las Rivas, 33, PokerStars player, Santander – 1,021,000 chips
Originally from Santander, in Northern Spain, this player started playing online poker 4 years ago thanks to some friends. This is the 4th Estrellas tournament he plays and his second final table. He finished 5th in Season 2 Estrellas Alicante taking home €16,655. Eduardo is a fireman and, as long as his profession allows it, he plays online poker, to the point where his hobby has almost become a profession. Eduardo tells us that the tournament has an excellent buy-in and structure.

Jorge Ufano, 29, PokerStars qualifier, A Coruña – 526,000 chips
This young stock market teacher was born in A Coruña, but lives in Madrid. Jorge began playing online poker 3 and a half years ago and now plays part-time, especially on weekends. Ufano combines online and live poker, and his favourite type is Hold'em tournaments or 6-max. This season he has participated in all Estrellas tournaments and in season 1 he finished 57th in the Madrid leg. Jorge cashed at the 2011 WSOP, finishing 238th in the $1,000 NL Hold’em Event.

Mauricio Pazos, 29, Barcelona, PokerStars qualifier – 493,000 chips
This 29-year-old from Barcelona is living in Valencia and studies Technical Architecture while playing poker part time. Pazos prefers playing online, especially in cash games. This is not the first time that he is playing in an Estrellas tournament. At the Alicante leg this season he ended in 40th position taking home €1,520.

Fabian Deimann, 25, PokerStars qualifier, Dortmund, Germany -    chips
This young entrepreneur holds his own perfume wholesale business in Germany and is now a regular face at the Estrellas circuit. He plays a lot of poker, mainly cash games and prefers to play live. This is his second final table at the Estrellas, as he finished in 2nd position at the first ever ESPT in Malaga in 2010 taking home €39,900. He has had other cashes during this season, finishing 39th in Madrid with a €1,850  win and 29th in Malaga winning €1,800.

Miguel Angel Martin, 37, Algeciras – 350,000 chips
Miguel is married, has two kids and is living in Algeciras. This business man started playing online poker two and a half years ago. Miguel Angel has participated in all ESPT legs this year, cashing in all of them. Moreover, he finished 5th at the ESPT Alicante last season.

Daniel Hernandez, 32, Las Palmas – 286,000 chips
Daniel Hernandez, from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, began playing poker in 2008. He discovered poker as he was interested in betting sports and he did not hesitate to start playing online. This Economist devotes weekends to his hobby and he likes to combine online and live play. Usually he plays in NL Texas Hold’em tournaments online as currently there are not that many live tournaments with a good structure in the Canary Islands. It is the first time that Daniel plays at an Estrellas tournament and in 2010 he played in the WSOP in Las Vegas.

Alfredo Rubio, 31, La Rioja – 155,000 chips
Alfredo Rubio, 31, lives in Northern Spain in Aldeanueva de Ebro, La Rioja. He started playing poker three years ago and although he prefers playing live, he also plays online. This young entrepreneur plays poker as a hobby. He is married and has a 2-month- daughter. Despite not being professional, he has won several local tournaments in La Rioja.

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ESPT 5 Leaderboard

Rank Name Total Points
1 Heinz Traut 190.8
2 Pedro Luis Prada Rodriguez 190.6
3 Jordi Martinez Alfonso 188
4 Yván Dubra Regueiro 178.4
5 Michael Herbert Bartov 171.5
6 Raijmond Leon Slabbekoorn 153.4
7 Joan Fabregas Capellas 145
8 Jose Javier Patiño Gonzalez 140
9 Gabriel Barba Godino 133.8
9 Jesus Alfaro Garrido 133.8
11 Fabio Sperling 131.5
12 Steve Enríquez Gallo 128.1
13 Julio Manuel Parras Hoces 124.8
14 Christian Ruiz Hatero 124.3
15 Bruno Manuel García Cotelo 122.5
16 Juan Benito Perez 120.5
17 Andre Albert Johan Otten 119
18 Filippo Lazzaretto 117
19 Manuel Uceda Gonzalez 116
20 Rodrigo Espinosa 110